Black and White and Red All Over

Someone should probably call the ironing police on me. Although, in my defense, the skirt did not look like this when I was actually wearing it in public, just when I took my pictures for the blog. This is just what happens when I run out of time for outfit pictures and leave clothes laying around on the floor of my room overnight so that I can remember to take my pictures the next day. Next time, I think I’ll just hang them up! Wrinkles aside, I think this outfit looked a lot better in person. For whatever reason, it just didn’t photograph right even though I thought it was a very flattering look. On the day that I wore this, I was feeling very confident, but looking at the pictures, I’m feeling a bit “euh” about it.

  • Top: American Rag, Macy’s
  • Skirt: ON
  • Tights: Hue
  • Flats: Payless