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Mr. Grinch

This was one of the two outfits I wore yesterday (well, actually three, but seeing as one of those outfits involved sweats, only two will be making their way onto the blog). It is also another bonus 30 for 30 outfit. That means I’m technically up to 30 for 32, but I think I’ll stop here. There’s just too many other fun options in my closet to be constantly returning to my recently established 30 item comfort zone.

In hindsight, I guess I should have known better than to wear green tights the day after my family and I watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas, as my legs were the source of quite a few chuckles. Regardless, I liked this outfit. I like that my awkwardly green legs match my belt and make for a fresher spin on a dress I feel like I’ve worn a bazillion times. Also, although you can barely even see it in this picture, my favorite part of the outfit is the subtle mixing of prints by layering a striped tee under the plaid dress. So even though I look like a Grinch wannabe, I’m kind of secretly loving it.

  • Cardigan, plaid dress: F21
  • Belt, tights: Target
  • Flats: Charlotte Russe


After 5 weeks of wearing the same 30 pieces, I guess I’ve discovered a new comfort zone. It really is so much easier to get dressed with a more limited selection. When I look at all of my clothes, I start to feel like I have nothing to wear, but when I have to be creative with certain pieces, somehow I can come up with more combinations than I have time to wear! So here is a bonus 30 for 30 outfit. Although I had planned on it, I never had the chance to pair this plaid shirt with my utilitarian jacket so even though my 30 for 30 is officially over, I decided to return to my 30 items when putting this look together Friday morning. I wanted to put a twist on how I’ve worn this jacket before by layering a cardigan under it. I really like how it turned out and the extra layer means extra warmth!

  • Jacket, plaid shirt: JCPenney
  • Magenta cardigan: Love Culture
  • Skinny jeans: Express
  • Flats: Target

Nine Ladies Dancing

Now that I’m done counting down the days to the end of my 30 for 30, I’m ready to start counting down the days to Christmas! I’m seriously so overwhelmed by the rest of my closet, deciding what to wear was so difficult today after having such a small collection to choose from for the last month or so. It was all I could do not to wear everything at once! Instead, I choose to wear a brand new skirt and cardigan. Sometimes a little something new can make you feel fresh and pretty, although that doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning everything I learned through remixing. I’m actually looking forward to reaching a middle ground between enjoying some new things every once in a while and being able to work with what is already in my closet.

  • Cardigan: Old Navy
  • Black tank: Nordstrom Rach
  • Belt: Nordstrom
  • Skirt: F21
  • Tights: Hue
  • Boots: Ugg Australia

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