October 2010 archive

Blue Jean Baby

Today’s busy schedule forced me to take my outfit pictures before I left for school, which I haven’t done in a while. It was 40 degrees and foggy – which made for some pretty funky lighting! Nevertheless, the day shaped up to be beautiful and warm. I’ll still have to find a solution to the early morning lighting!
Anyway, today’s outfit required a little bit of thought, even though it ended up being rather simple. I wanted to make this floral skirt work for fall, but still be appropriate for warmish weather. That meant no tights! Instead, I layered a denim jacket over this tee, which has such a cool, worn-in vibe to it. I had a hard time picking shoes, but eventually settled on these oxfords for their vintage feel. I think this outfit would have worked equally well with my hot pink flats or slouchy black leather boots (which I don’t actually own, but now want due to my recent boot fetish).

  • Jean jacket: AE
  • Gray tee: Miley and Max for Walmart
  • Skirt: Nordstrom
  • Oxfords: Payless

Sweater Girl

Now that it’s October, I’m ready to embrace fall. I’m looking forward to colored leaves, pumpkin patches, and apple cider. So what better way to celebrate fall than by wrapping up in a big, cozy sweater? I paired it with a gauzy sundress for a look that was appropriate for warmer weather. I love this look because a chunky sweater is the perfect way to make a summer dress work well into fall.

  • Cardigan, belt: Nordstrom
  • Dress: Macy’s
  • Flats: Charlotte Russe

Center Stage

These boots have had the lead role in my wardrobe ever since I got them – I actually have to force myself to not wear them because if I could I would wear them every day! However, that definitely played into my favor when packing for Ashland! I knew these boots would be super easy to mix and match with the different options I brought and they would be appropriate for almost all weather! It was a little warmer than I had anticipated (although its possible that I was running a bit of a fever because everyone else was cold at the outdoor theater). The first day I was comfortable, but we were walking around in the cooler evening air. The next day I decided to ditch the tights I had planned on wearing with this outfit. It worked out perfectly – I was so comfortable and was able to test-drive my summer romper in a fall outfit. I love it and also can’t wait to remix it with a pair of tights when its cold enough to do so!

  • Cardigan: F21
  • Scarf: Roxy
  • Romper: Nordstrom
  • Boots: Kohl’s

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