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Garden Variety

So I’ve been a very bad blogger lately…but I have been a very good blog reader and also a very good friend (more on that later) so that counts for something right? Well, maybe. The last time I posted was eight days ago and, including this, I’ve blogged five times during the month of August. Whoops! Maybe heading back to school won’t be such a bad thing – I could use a little structure in my life! But for now, I’ll blame my slacking on joining my high school’s cross country team and being extremely unmotivated to get all dolled up when I’m just going to end up a sweaty mess!
Anyways, I had the opportunity to wear something other than running shorts on Wednesday when I helped my friend get her senior pictures taken. If I had thought of it when I was getting dressed that morning, I would have worn spandex shorts under my dress as I was crawling over rocks and logs all day, but it was worth a few iffy moments because the pictures turned out great!
And here’s the lovely lady herself…

Also, as I mentioned earlier, instead of spending my time wearing cute clothes and blogging about them, I’ve been trolling around on other blogs being jealous of all the other cute clothes that I don’t have and won’t be buying (as I’ve decided to be very strict with my spending starting now…I see a few challenges in my future!).

  • Cardigan: Nordstrom
  • Dress: Nordstrom
  • Belt: my mom’s
  • Tank: Nordstrom’s Rack
  • Sandals: Payless

Remix and Rewear

I didn’t realize until I started taking today’s outfit pictures that I’m wearing the same cardigan I wore in my last post! Oh well, that’s just real life I guess. I’m constantly wearing the same pieces, whether in completely different ways or in very similar outfits and that’s just the way it is! That’s also one of the things I enjoy most about reading other personal style blogs – seeing how very stylish people rework their wardrobe on a daily basis! I’m beginning to sense a bit of a fall vibe in my outfits lately, especially today with my neutral tones and layered sweaters! That scares me because I am absolutely not ready for the summer to end! Senior year is coming up and I know its going to fly by so for now I just want to live in the moment!
Anyways, back to my clothes: this outfit evolved throughout the day (which is unusual for me) and this was my favorite version of it. I like the green and yellow color combination grounded by neutrals and the sweater vest layered under an open cardigan.
Also, recognize this skirt? I wore it here and mentioned that the wooden buttons made it very hard to style…so my solution was to switch the buttons! This my skirt’s first debut on the blog after its face lift and it is so much more versatile now!

  • Green cardigan: Nordstrom
  • Sweater vest: Nordstrom
  • Yellow tee: AE
  • Chambray skirt: Love Culture
  • Belt: Michael Kors
  • Flats: Charlotte Russe

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Me and My Moccasins

I got this belt forever ago and its been hiding in the back of my closet until now – I pulled it out today to add a western touch to my seersucker dress. Because the weather was a little cooler, I originally planned to add a jean jacket on top, but decided to go with a dark green cardigan that brought out the green tones in my belt instead.

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  • Cardigan: Nordstrom
  • Dress: AE
  • Belt: Target
  • Moccasins: Minnetonka

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