Psychedelic Prairie

After discovering that my first option would not work out due to extremely short hemlines, this is what I ultimately wore to the birthday celebration. The combination of the very bohemian print of the top and chambray skirt made me feel a little like a gypsy once again. I upped the boho vibe with my wood/gold earrings and vintage bangle. Overall, it was a decent outfit that held up well against a very filling homemade Italian dinner and some jumping on a trampoline!

As a side note, when I bought this skirt, I thought it was great because it seemed so versatile, but in reality, the brown buttons make it very hard to pair with the majority of my wardrobe! I have a plan for it, so stay tuned…

  • Blouse: Nordstrom
  • Skirt: Love Culture
  • Flats: Charlotte Russe
  • Bangle: vintage
  • Earrings: gift