“Weekend Posh”

Even though this outfit is almost the exact same combination as what I wore the other day – same shorts, denim vest, and sandals; different blouse and the addition of a scarf – I think it has a completely different vibe. While the other outfit looked a little polished cowboy, this one has a certain vintage Great Depression era feel to it. I love the vintage look (especially those from Louis Vuitton Fall 2010, Marc Jacobs Spring 2009, and Mad Men), but have yet to feel confident and comfortable in anything with a strong retro vibe, so this look really kind of happened on accident. I was running short on time so I had to style my fresh-from-the-shower hair up and fortunately, due to my Lucky challenge, had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to wear, but I actually like the end result and may be inspired to try looks with a stronger vintage vibe.

  • Scarf: AE
  • Denim vest: Love Culture
  • Purple blouse: Charlotte Russe
  • Shorts: Old Navy
  • Sandals: Payless