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Berry and Black: Look #1

Back in December, after seeing this post on WhatIWore, I decided to challenge myself and mix basic pieces in berry and black to create outfits for the week. The idea was to find new ways to wear the same clothes and it worked! Unfortunately, I failed to take a single picture of any of the outfits I wore that week. I figure that I could eventually repeat the outfits at some point, but now the weather is beginning to change (more on that later) and those wintery ensembles are no longer appropriate. Inspired by my recent purchase of this great little dress (in berry and black), I decided to challenge myself once again, this time working the original pieces into more spring appropriate outfits and this is look number one.
Now on to the dress! The Zac Posen for Target line launched this weekend and, unlike the Jean Paul Gaultier line, it was available at my local Target. So, Sunday morning I hurried over there and managed to scoop up this fun little dress for only $30. I love it because it’s different from what I normally wear, captures spring’s surfing trend, and is extremely versatile. I will definitely be wearing this all summer long!
As for the weather that I mentioned earlier, we were supposed to have a beautiful warm day today, but then these clouds rolled in and as soon as I stepped outside this afternoon, it started raining! So I took my pictures with my umbrella and lucked out in that it kinda sorta matches my outfit! Well, you know what they say about April showers…
  • Dress: Zac Posen for Target
  • Cardigan: Nordstrom’s Rack
  • Leggings: Nordstrom’s Rack
  • Flats: Payless
  • Umbrella: Target

Fresh Ideas

Aside from my gloomy expressions (it was not a good picture taking day), I actually really enjoyed this outfit. I’m very excited about this new skirt becasue the floral pattern mixes many colors and makes it easy to incoporate with my existing wardrobe. What is it about new clothes that makes me want to wear them in a million different ways? It seems like I fall into ruts with my existing wardrobe and even the items that I love, I tend to wear in the same ways. Although this is a pretty typical combination – skirt, tee, and cardigan – I’m looking forward to mixing it up for warmer weather ensembles. Speaking of which, this skirt also fits into my shopping theory that I mentioned the other day. I can definitely see working this sophisticated floral into my wardrobe year-round.
  • Pink cardigan: Nordstrom
  • White tee: AE
  • Skirt: Nordstrom
  • Tights: AE
  • Flats: Payless


This outfit came about for a variety of reasons. First off, I hadn’t worn this skirt in forever and am big on florals right now (it must be because I’m dying for spring!). Also, I wanted to do a little pattern mixing, especially after reading this article on “mixology.” I had just picked up a bunch of great tees at American Eagle, including this soft grey striped one, that are perfect for layering with skirts. I added a blazer to pull it all together and ended up with something very Blair Waldorf. I wasn’t necessarily going for a Gossip Girl look, but I love the show and Blair’s wardrobe so I’m not surprised if I was somehow subconciously inspired by her preppy uniform. Either way I kind of love it!
  • Blazer: Nordstrom
  • Tee: AE
  • Skirt: F21
  • Tights: AE
  • Flats: Charlotte Russe

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